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The following application is to be copied & pasted into an email to me.

Pre-session Application

Discretion is expected & respected.  Any information shared is strictly confidential.


Full name or scene name:


Email address:


Telephone number (I will never call unannounced):


Your age:




Health conditions:


Allergies (latex, rubber…):


What are you looking to explore with Me?


What is your BDSM experience level?


What are your hard limits?  Temporary marks?


When do you wish to see Me?


How long of a session are you requesting?


Have you ever seen a Pro-Domme before?  Was it a good experience?  Why/why not?


Which pro-Dommes or providers have you seen in the past?  Do you have any references?


How did you find My website?


Anything else you wish for Me to know:


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