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This website is quite thorough.  Read it.

If you are wishing to apply for submission, i expect that you have done your research.   

If you choose to ignore this request, your application WILL BE IGNORED.

Do you need to know what my tributes are?  Go here.

Do you want to know what kinds of things I enjoy doing in my sessions?  Go here.

Requesting a Session




Because of the current circumstances, and out of an abundance of caution, I am now requiring all applicants to complete my temporary, Covid-19 related questionnaire in addition to my session application below.  This might seem excessive, but everyone's ability to play safely, in all respects, is a top priority.  Copy & paste here.



STEP 2: 

You are required to email me a completed copy of my pre-session application.  A lack of willingness to send an application as I have outlined shows an inability to follow basic instructions.  I will disqualify such individuals, with pleasure.


You have two options for application submission.  You may download my form then email or copy & paste your application into an email.  Use the buttons below to make your selection.






Completed applications are to be emailed directly to




Further Instruction

1)  Once I have approved your application and we have agreed upon a date/time, you will be instructed to voice confirm either once or twice before the session takes place.  If you fail to confirm within 15 minutes of the agreed upon time, the session will be cancelled.  These calls will be discrete and take no more than 30 seconds.

You will receive my contact number once I have agreed to see you.  I will email you location information once you have voice confirmed.

*If I give you my contact number, it is for voice confirmations ONLY.  Texts and random phone calls are not permitted.  Email is the only acceptable form of communication.  Texting or unnecessary phone calls will result in your inability to return.

2) Personal hygeine is extremely important to me.  I can not stress this enough.  If you do not care enough about yourself and your appearance to present yourself to me at your best, you are of no use to me and may be subject to dismissal.

3) Be punctual.  Being early is just as rude as being late.  Any disrespect shown for my time will result in immediate dismissal.

4) Privacy and discretion are at all times expected and respected. 

Any information that you share with me, whether it be on your application or in person, is strictly confidential.  I will never call the phone number that you provide unannounced.  All communication, with the exception of the pre-session voice confirmation, is done via email.    

Mistress Olivia Rose | Raleigh NC Dominatrix | Pro Domme | BDSM Mistress 

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