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Below are my testimonials.

If you have seen me in the past, I would appreciate it if you took a moment to leave one of your own.

June 2021

I have seen a variety of Dommes over a fifteen year or so time period. Some were decent, some were a waste of time. I have now seen Mistress Olivia three times. She is absolutely the best.  She truly dominates and relishes the pain inflicted in a professional manner. The last session, a while ago, began with me presenting myself ready for the session and receiving a kick in the balls that dropped me to the floor. It was done simply, even routinely in a way and it established the basis of our work together more fully, deeply and completely than words ever could.



June 2021

Mistress Olivia is a gem. I'm a woman and had never been to a professional domme before, and really was nervous as the professional domme world is not particularly geared towards women clients. Mistress Olivia mentions on her site that she is open to play with anyone and she really came through on that promise. She was incredibly considerate during. COVID times, followed my limits perfectly, while also surprising me with things I didn't know I could handle, and just made the experience so enjoyable that the day after, I booked another session. If you're on the fence, absolutely book a session with Mistress Olivia! 


May 2021

Let me start by saying that I am not new to kink and have been to pro-dommes before. But my session with Mistress Olivia was on a different scale compared to every other experience I have had prior. She is smart, charming, beautiful and has the poise of an amazing domme. She is amazing at making you feel like a sub while also making you feel respected, which is great for you to explore your submissiveness without judgement. She has great intuition about you and she did things to me that I never knew I loved so much (while respecting every limit I mentioned in my application). She knows how to keep the balance of being funny and maintain the intensity and had me simultaneouly begging to stop and begging for more. You know that she is an actual domme and not just going through the motions and feel like she could read your mind about what you really want. To top off the magical session, I really enjoyed winding down and talking to her. She is really intelligent, smart and can hold great conversations. I really wished time would move slower. If you are thinking about booking a session with her, I would strongly recommend you do it and book at least a couple of hours to get the experience. Its worth it. Its so worth it. 


September 2019

I can not emphasize enough how wonderful my experience has been with Mistress Olivia.  She is far prettier in person than her pictures suggest.  She's very comfortable.  She's funny even.  Mistress Olivia is able to adapt to whatever the situation requires.  It is obvious that she's highly educated and intelligent.  I feel like I enter into another world and everything else melts away and when I come back to the world it's more manageable.  

-A L


August 2019

Mistress Olivia is beautiful , smart and leaves one breathless and enchanted everytime . She has a very intuitive understanding of what one wants , needs and reads body language and the mind exceptionally well. I especially enjoy how she is able to engage in playful banter combined with such intensity that makes it a very heady experience.I have been to multiple munches , bdsm events , been in FLRs and yet every session with Mistress Olivia feels like a novelty and fantastic . She is incredibly smart and conversations with her leave one mesmerized. I feel honored to submit to her.

-Chrissy Sissy Nerd

June 2018

I have a passion for corporal punishment. Mistress Olivia Rose gave me the most thorough beating I have had in 40 years in play. She is very attractive. I do not believe her web site pictures do her justice. She has intense blue eyes and a tall, slim figure that can be intimidating.I knew I was in for something special when, after putting me in her cock stockade, she started the whipping. Most dommes do a warm up with a soft flogger if not their hands. After the first very hard blow, I looked back to see she had a heavy flogger. She continued the whipping on my back and bottom and then took a paddle to extend the onslaught. After maybe 3 dozen blows she announced the warm up was over.For the next 90 minutes i was subjected to whipping of virtually every part of my body below the neck. I virtually never have used a safe word but considered it at least four times during the session. I think she sensed I had had enough finally, although I also think she would have happily continued.Mistress Olivia is definitely not a one-trick pony. Her space is clean, spacious and filled with toys, bondage table and other equipment designed to ensure you won't be going anywhere while she does her thing. We did engage in several other exercises, but the bottom line is she is the most sadistic mistress I have ever encountered. That was great for me, but as other reviews attest, she can do many things with imagination at any level, so I would not be afraid to see her. I got the challenge I sought.Thank you Mistress Olivia and I hope to see you again soon!


March 2018

Mistress Olivia is a great Mistress, she really owned me from the first minute i met her. She is very welcoming and knows how to make a slave submit to her. At first i was nervous but She calmed me down and quickly i was just Her slave. i am now completely owned by Her even when i am not with Her. i recommend this experience to everyone in the BDSM scene. She is just great


January 2018 

My first BDSM experience and it was amazing.  10/10


December 2017

I have been seeing Mistress Olivia once a month for over six months now and it has been one of the best experiences of my life; I regret not finding her sooner! She is a consummate professional, highly skilled at the art of female domination, completely peremptory, exceptionally intelligent, funny and utterly stunning. Most importantly, she has a high regard for safety and hygiene. Sessions with Olivia are no joke. I consider myself to have a higher than normal pain tolerance; which, Olivia pushes to the limit and beyond each and every time. She truly is a sadist and sincerely enjoys what she does. What I enjoy most about sessions with Olivia is the seemly endless permutations she can think of to restrain and hurt me. Be it electrocution, physical impact methods (paddles, canes, floggers, whips etc.), ropes, cuffs, chains, needles, weights, duct tape or cellophane. Not one of her sessions has been boring; each is fresh and takes on its own identity due to her creativity, skill, knowledge and enthusiasm for BDSM. I highly recommend taking her out for dinner and drinks after a session. You will have a wonderful evening, unless of course you have the personality of a rock. Olivia is an interesting person to get to know outside of a BDSM setting and has a warm and engaging personality. We have gone to several nice restaurants in downtown Raleigh and I have had a lovely time with her. I hope to one day consider her a friend of mine. To sum up the summary: Olivia is the real deal; do not pass up the opportunity! If you are undecided or hesitant, do it already, you will not be disappointed. I do not believe you will find a better dominatrix than Mistress Olivia.


March 2017

Prior to my session with Mistress Olivia, I had never experienced BDSM before, and had my concerns about seeing a dominatrix. All those worries left within the first couple of minutes of meeting Mistress Olivia; she is an outstanding professional and ensures that she knows your desires and limits prior to playing with you. I wanted to have my pain tolerance pushed to the limits, and she was more than happy to oblige. A true sadist, she enjoyed taunting my pain, with a warm smirk on her beautiful face whilst disciplining me. One very memorable moment had me bent over, hands braced against a table with my legs spread, unsure of whether she was going to abuse my back, rear, or balls with her floggers, whips and canes. We also explored electro play, various forms of CBT (my favorite being restrained with zero mobility while she punished my exposed balls with a studded flogger), bondage, blindfolds, and sounding. If you have never experienced BDSM before or are a season masochist looking for a genuine, talented, gorgeous and intelligent dominatrix to submit to, look no further. Scheduling an appointment is simple, and she is extremely professional with regards to replying to emails and working with you in order to get a session underway.


February 2017

My experience with Mistress Olivia was my first time with a pro-domme. I didn't want to start slow and so I asked her to test and push my limits. She did exactly that. She repeatedly took me to the edge of what I thought I could take and then, with a playful smirk, pushed me a step further. As Mistress Olivia mocking noted, I was trembling for most of our session. During our time together she found ways to torment that I had never imagined. (and I thought I had imagined a lot!) We even played a game or two. She made sure I lost...painfully.She has an endless supply of sadistic devices covering her dungeon. She used some particularly devilish ones on me, including a brand new one right out of the box. My eyes must have bugged out when she brought it out, but shockingly, I endured it. Others devices didn't look like much but packed an enormous bite when Mistress Olivia skillfully applied them. I imagine that I could go back ten times and she still wouldn't have used half of her arsenal. Mistress Olivia has a talent for keeping up a casual, teasing banter while inflicting torment. As a result, despite all that I she put me through, I never felt unsafe. She seemed to know my limits better than I knew them myself and probed and stretched them thoroughly.If you are wondering if you should "go for it", I highly recommend that you do. I was nervous about my first time and have read the websites of many others without taking the plunge, but I am glad I did it and that it was with Mistress Olivia. As a final note, she is very prompt and professional with all the logistics of setting up a session, just follow her simple instructions.


January 2017

As a Teenager I was held down and choked by a couple of deliciously devious girls, leaving me with a somewhat unusual desire to relive that fantasy. When Mistress Olivia promptly responded to my request that she "would have fun with that" it felt a bit like winning the Superbowl and Lottery on the same day. 


For starters she is incredibly professional, responds quickly to your request and pays very close attention to what you want. Word of advice, don't overload her with specifics, give her a general idea of what you like and allow her to improvise. She will expertly pair what you like with other things you'd never think of, and she's damn sexy doing it!


Arriving to the Session she is everything as advertised, Tall, beautiful, fit, impeccably well put together. Within a couple of minutes I was in her playspace, arms cuffed behind my back as she wrapped my head in plastic and proceeded to choke me to the point of near pass out. Over the course of our session she constantly kept me guessing, not sure where the next squeeze, choke or smother was coming from, but man it was great when it did! At one point I was laying on the floor, arms cuffed behind me with her long legs wrapped around my neck, truly one of the most amazing experiences of my life as she alternated between holding me in a firm but still comfortable place, to squeezing so tight I was nearly delirious!


Definitely go see Olivia if you are looking for a Smart, Beautiful Woman to fulfill your fantasy. Make sure you read her site carefully and show her the highest level of respect. She is worth every dollar you will spend with her and more. 


October 2016

I visited Mistress Olivia some time ago when I lived an hour from Raleigh. She was extremely attentive to what I needed and didn't miss a beat. I've visited some of the very best dungeons in LA and other places and Mistress Olivia is by far the most skilled and beautiful Dominatrix I've ever had the privilege of interacting with. I wish I lived near Raleigh again.


August 2016

2nd visit to Mistress Olivia, 

I think the way I judge things is, do I want to go back, and after leaving, and asking permission if she'd allow, I wish to return.  My "plan" was to only stay 1.5 hours this time, but minutes after arriving I wanted 2 hours.

Different "fun" this time, a bit more "electric" this time with new experiences that I would never imagined, or thought of, followed by a very tight time with a gorgeous lady in control.  Sitting up was the only way to stop it, but she quickly pushed me back down.  At end, still exhausted and worried I disappointed Mistress Olivia, but she never let on.  For me, being able to have a "scene" is great, but Mistress Olivia is real, intelligent, and can talk about many topics, which is really cool, even with her looking down as I lay in floor exhausted.  Next time yields what, hoping she continues to take me places.



July 2016

Upon arrival, I was "wowed" by Mistress Olivia's presence. She's easily 5'10" without heels, and towered over me in her heels and stockings. I was pretty nervous heading in, but took time read a little of Mistress and I'd like to think it made me comfortable, as much as possible, that is.To start session, I was bound to table with some serious cuffs on wrists and legs spread on bar. NOT exactly where you want to be, and then find out how ticklish you really are, but I couldn't do much at that point. Suffice to say "things" happened to me, while there, on my back, but much was rivoted with a bit of mystery, as I was blindfolded, only able to make out "shapes."" Mistress was comforting, but hard on me, not sure if it was pain or pleasure, or both. See her, ask her what else happened there. It "sounded" really good though.After that, Mistress put me in CBT stockade with Yoke on my head/arms. Mistress Olivia then noted, "You're FUXX'ed" then laughed, and I was, moving wasn't a good thing, as my ankles were secured in CBT stockade, arms useless held at shoulder level. THEN, was it pleasure or pain? I was F'ed. REALLY, Mistress Olivia then unloaded on me with a massive variety of whips, canes, etc, and as much as I struggled, I really didn't want to stop. It hurt, but the thought of the control, and complete removal of any ability to stop her was scary, but WOW...My back and in particular my AXX were left sore, sore may be an understatement. In all honestly, she completely exhausted me at this point, my ability to do anything from this point forward was gone, she could have done more with me, though not sure what my mind would have absorbed. The best I could muster was to lay at her feet and talk/recover physically. Mentally, well that's hard to say, as definitely want to return.Impressive, but easy to talk with, honestly that part is the most important, as sometimes it's intimidating, and some Dommes do not interact on "human" level. Trust me, she can control you, and still talk to you, maybe that's the scariest part, as you may see it coming, maybe not, and you may not "think" you want it, but you can't do without it. It hurts, but it's good...I left wonder, what else could she do?Gotta find out…


June 2016

Mistress Olivia Rose is an absolutely stunning femdom goddess! Upon my arrival, my heart was pounding, my head spinning as she greeted me and quickly took control. Her piercing blue eyes were hypnotically stern. Immediately I wanted to please her and obey her every whim. My compliance was awkward and stammering which elicited a confident smile and her wonderfully sexy laugh. She owned me from her opening phrase, "come in little dick, you're late …"

Little Dick


May 2016

WOW Mistress Olivia is a Beautiful Lady, Her Photos do not do her justice. I am a tall guy and when she is in her heels is is taller then me, which is hot. She takes control form the second you enter her place. She lets you know that you belong to her. She leads you to her play space, and I must say that there is every thing that you could wish for there. I asked for her to take control and not let me know what was coming and she did just that. I enjoy letting go and giving up control. She can read you and tell when to step it up and know when to slow it down. Mistress Olivia introduced me to a new form of pain and torture and it was on my " bucket list " I did not tell her what it was but she could tell I wanted to experience it, Damn it was amazing Thank you for that Mistress. I know there are not a lot of details about what went on during our multi hour session, but you will have to see for your self.Out of a scale of 1 - 10 I will happily give her a 10 on all leaves.She is a Beautiful Lady , Her place is spot less, and very nice.If you get the chance to see her, Do so she is a rare Lady in this day and time. and if you are lucky, you will enjoy her giggle and smile at you expense Will I see her again YesDid I have an amazing time YesDo I recommend Her Hell Yes


May 2016

Mistress Olivia is stunning, both physically and in the way she takes command of a submissive from the very beginning of a session. She is tall, and with her high heels she will tower over you. Her pictures should prove to you that she is both gorgeous and sexy-beyond-belief. I have had many sessions with her, and can say that you will find her very happy to take you down any path of dominance that you will likely desire, pushing your envelope all the way.In our sessions she has introduced me to sounding, electrical play and elaborate forms of cbt and nt, while taking me to new levels of impact play with a broad array of crops, whips and other devilish devices. She has also found the time for training me as her maid. Other Dommes provide some or all of these services, but what sets Mistress Olivia apart is her joy in using and abusing you to achieve her joy in the session. When you hear her laugh or giggle at your torment you will know how much you want to please and belong to her.



March 2014

Mistress Olivia Rose is absolutely beautiful! She is a true professional and I would recommend her to anyone! This was only my second time seeing a professional but I will have to look no further!!! Mistress Olivia will have you eating out of her hands instantly and her imagination is mind blowing. I have a particular fetish and Mistress Olivia fulfilled it beyond my imagination. If you are thinking about it and cannot decide who or where or which professional to see...let me make it easy for you, Mistress Olivia is amazing!!!



February 2014

This was my first submissive experience and it was one I'll never forget. Mistress Olivia knew what I wanted and wasted no time giving me just that and so much more. I loved being bound to her table and suffocated. Her sadistic little snicker every time I gasped for air always gave me such a rush. She really seemed to enjoy watching my helpless body squirm and that made me enjoy it all the more. Then there was the spanking. I've never experienced such a painfully pleasurable experience as the one she graced me with. Mistress Olivia's assertiveness is matched by her beauty and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants a domination experience like no other. A word of advice though is to allow yourself PLENTY of time to enjoy her services. Time flies so quickly at the mercy of Mistress Olivia and you'll still be begging for more once the session has ended. I can't wait to have another session with her and can only imagine the pleasurable torture she'll put me through.



September 2013

Mistress Olivia is the real deal. I am an inexperienced sub, and was not sure that I had what it takes to be a top notch sub. I found Mistress Olivia, and thought I would give her a try to further my experience. Well, I have one thing to say...WOW. 
She is tall, confident, beautiful, and delightfully sadistic. There was no question as to who was in charge from the very beginning of our time together. She put me through the paces of one scene after another, all the time inflicting more pain than I thought I could take. We explored nipple torture (lots of different forms from her extensive collection of clamps and screws), shoe worship, bondage, cock rings, a ball crusher, urethral sounds, electricity, rope tying my balls (with pretty bows), flogging, cropping, single tail whipping. She was a very enthusiastic provider of all these scenes. 
I went home with very sore nipples, stripes on both the front and back (and some very close to the family jewels), and some questions about my ability to ever be a top notch sub. If you are interested in exploring your limits, I assure you Mistress Olivia is the real deal.



June 2013

Mistress Olivia was magnificent. This was my first experience truly serving as a submissive. Her constant changing up of pain and pleasure kept me on the brink during our entire session. Being helplessly bound and gagged throughout, she masterfully controlled me both physically and mentally. And her sadistic little laugh as she administered her dominance is something that showed me she truly enjoyed seeing and hearing me beg at her feet. Being collared and shackled, she put me in my place right from the beginning and never let up. I will definitely be going back to serve her if she will so honor me.



June 2013

I had a long history with BDSM prior to seeing Mistress Olivia. Due to having this personal history, I was perhaps a little jaded with the scene. Nonetheless, I had very high expectations going into our first session. I can honestly say that Mistress Olivia not only met, but absolutely exceeded, what I anticipated receiving from our time together. She is very much the consummate professional; but, it is quite apparent that this isn't merely a job for her, and this, to me, is the hallmark of a truly great Domme.
Mistress Olivia seemed very much to enjoy what she was doing, and I believe that her lifestyle interests in BDSM are really what elevated the session into a sublime experience. Point in fact, our first session was almost more genuine than some of my BDSM play that has taken place in my private, personal life. It's very rare to find someone who is not only perfectly sadistic, but who is also able to read body language so that she doesn't go further than what the submissive can handle, both physically and psychologically. To that end, Mistress Olivia's talents are well-suited to both experienced and novice submissives alike. 
It's hard to imagine seeing another Domme after having sessioned with Mistress Olivia; especially as my experience with her eclipsed almost any of my prior sessions with Professional Dominatricies, even the one's I've had at well-established NYC houses. Mistress Olivia definitely reminded me of why I was first drawn to BDSM all those years ago, and that ability to re-kindle the deeply fulfilling aspects of submission is, in my experience, a very rare quality.



May 2013

When I first went to Mistress Olivia, I got a lot more than I bargained for... in a wonderful way. It was my first time seeing a professional Dominatrix, and needless to say she was very accommodating. I could tell she was enjoying the pain she was causing me, just as much as I was enjoying receiving it... if not more. At first I underestimated her...but she quickly proved me wrong when I was naked, dressed up like a sissy with my hands shackled above my head, taking each sadistic and painful whip lash.
Her dungeon was excellent, very well put together and very tasteful, and not to mention, very well equipped. A vast collection of dildos, whips, paddles, and a number of other torture devices that I couldn't even begin to name. She's got hundreds of fun toys. I got to try a number of things that I had never even imagined. It's was a quite fun and enlightening experience. 
I'd be willing to go out on a limb and say she has the best dungeon in the area. You totally will be glad you decided to go out of your way and see her instead of some other insignificant Dominatrix.... and no, she is not whipping me as I type this, as much as I would like that hehe.



May 2013

This was my first time with a Pro and Mistress Olivia is definitely talented. Her dungeon is top-notch and she introduced me to a fine palette of kink I didn't know existed. She is both beautiful in person and wields her tools of the trade well. If I'm ever in the area, I would definitely go for round 2.



April 2013

I recently enjoyed my fifth session with Mistress Olivia. All of my experiences with her have been very rewarding. I have found her to be very experienced and extremely professional. I had no previous experience with bdsm before seeing her, and she has provided me with a thoroughly enjoyable introduction. She is very open and accomodating to my interests, while at the same time eager to introduce me to new things. While we have explored many of the same areas in our sessions together, she has not allowed things to get stale or repetitive. She has been quite inventive in keeping things fresh and exciting. I have no doubt that she enjoys what she does enormously, and I believe that she has a genuine desire that her subs enjoy themselves as well. She has a very well-equipped dungeon and is very, very talented. Mistress Olivia is beautiful, seductive, intelligent, and has a wonderfully wicked sense of humor. I can't wait to submit to her again.



February 2013

Mistress Olivia Rose reads body language very well. It's like we can communicate without talking. Not to mention, she is beautiful and talented. I'm never disappointed.





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