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Where did my ads go?

Some of you may have noticed that one of the more high-profile advertising venues for Dommes

has recently succumb to government pressure to self censor. Unfortunately, pro-Dommes were lumped in with a variety of other providers and the relevant category has been permanently removed. It’s worth noting that the reason for the censorship is not related to domination, but was instead a blanket sweep of all "adult oriented" categories meant to appease bureaucrats concerned with alleged human trafficking in other, unrelated sections.

Fortunately, there are several other venues available for finding dominatrixes in your area, as well as a simple internet search.

I’m making this post to assure regular and potential submissives that I am still accepting applications for submission as always, and to remind you that there are many other ways to locate Dommes. More importantly, this sort of thing sets a dangerous precedent regarding free speech and the internet. Educate yourself.

But enough of that – I’m ready to play…

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