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Kink in the time of COVID-19?

As many of you may have noticed, I've taken a step back from live sessions for the past few weeks. The rather unprecedented nature of the situation we're facing has left me woefully apprehensive

about continuing.

Given that we do not have any way of predicting how long things may continue as they are, I'm deciding to take some prudent steps towards sessions of various kinds. In the coming weeks, I will be open to very selectively seeing submissives with special precautions in place to limit risk and maximize safety.

I take this very seriously, and you should as well. I've been practicing near draconian levels of social distancing and sanitization, both of my person and my environment. Anyone whom I choose to see will need to adhere to whatever procedures I require.

The health and safety of both myself and my submissives is the top priority for me.

Because of the associated risk, and to accommodate these new procedures, my tribute has increased temporarily.

If you wish to request a session with me, email me to request my revised, situationally relevant Pre-Session Application and booking information.

If you are looking for ways to worship from afar, I am as always, available for phone, video, and chat sessions. If you are looking to tribute from afar, you'll find my CashApp & Venmo information here.

Stay healthy, stay well.

Mistress Olivia

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